TypeFace Publisher Released Soon

For those who haven’t seen in my portfolio, TypeFace is a publishing system I wrote which I use to power a few websites. It’s ideally suited for static websites where the client needs a nice web user interface for updating their website.

I will warn the first release will be very rough. There will be bugs, and documentation will be poor. However, anyone with reasonable Rails skills should be able to make use of it. I would really like feedback from others as I will do my best to maintain it. All I need to do is get some time to create some documentation, create an example ‘site’ for people to get their hands dirty and clean up a few things in the interface.

As stated on the portfolio, the main advantage with TypeFace over most of the open source CMS systems out there is that it doesn’t require you to install it on the site’s web server as it generated content. This means you don’t have the issue of having to suddenly migrate the rest of your site round the architecture of the CMS like you do with other popular systems like Drupal, XOOPS, etc which require extra functionality to be implemented using their plug-in systems.

This will be my first serious contribution to back to the Open Source model. As strong supporter in the Open Source model, I think there is real value in programmers managing their own OSS projects. Not just for the OSS community, but it has many personal plus points:

The new TypeFace site will be going live over the next few days over here

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